How We Build For You

How We Build For You

Cookie cutter-solutions don’t work. Every bank, broker-dealer, credit union, and producer group is unique, and requires Annuity, Long-Term Care (LTC), and Life solutions that are custom-tailored for your business

That’s what we do at Clarke. We’ve been serving the financial industry since 1992, and have strong relationship with over 200 financial institutions.

Here’s how we deliver top marketing services…
Every client deserves a solid wholesaling platform with value-added services. That’s why every client receives Clarke Select. Your institution gets personalized attention, approved marketing collateral, advisor sales training, case management, contracting support, and 24/7 login access to our cutting-edge website. If you want to enhance your annuity, long-term care (LTC) and insurance marketing efforts, then build with Clarke Comprehensive, our fully integrated back office service. If you need neutral advice from industry experts, then use our Consulting Services.

All three of our customized solutions are used by banks, broker-dealers, credit unions, and producer groups. Once you determine how you want to work with us, we will analyze all of the carriers in our family of “A” category rated annuity and life insurance companies and advise you on the Annuity, Long-Term Care (LTC), and Life Insurance programs that are best for your business.

Fill Forms or Gather Assets?

Who Do you Love More? The IRS or Your Family?

They Don’t Need Another Income Stream, But They Will Need Long-Term Care

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No Pension. No Problem.