How We Build For You

customized institution programs with an advisor focus

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At Clarke, we believe that every bank, broker-dealer, credit union, and producer group is unique. And we should know. We’ve been serving the financial industry since 1992 and have strong relationships with over 200 financial institutions. Cookie cutter-solutions don’t work. Our Annuity, Long-Term Care (LTC), and Life products are custom-made for each client.

Let’s talk about service delivery…

Every client deserves a solid wholesaling platform with value-added services. That’s why every client receives Clarke Select. Your institution gets personalized attention, approved marketing collateral, advisor sales training, case management, contracting support, and 24/7 login access to our cutting-edge website. If you want to enhance your annuity, long-term care (LTC) and insurance marketing efforts, then build with Clarke Comprehensive, our fully integrated back office service. If you need neutral advice from industry experts, then use our Consulting Services.

All three of our customized solutions are used by banks, broker-dealers, credit unions, and producer groups. Once you determine how you want to work with us, we will analyze all of the carriers in our family of “A” category rated annuity and life insurance companies and advise you on the Annuity, Long-Term Care (LTC), and Life Insurance programs that are best for your business.

Clarke Select — Discover how we enhance existing Annuity, LTC, and Life products with dedicated home office support and 24/7 connectivity to advisor business building tools.
Clarke Comprehensive — Learn how we create revenue optimization strategies by working with us as a client-partner. Our fully integrated back end insurance service helps reduce employee workloads and internal cost of production while increasing profitability
Clarke Consulting— Tap our acumen as insurance industry experts on a project basis. We’re your go-to consultant for Annuity, Long-Term Care (LTC), and Life product selection and development, bank platform design, and carrier due diligence review and documentation.

How We Build For You

three customized ways to build your business…

Clarke Select Clarke Comprehensive Clarke Consulting
All of our clients enjoy the same platform of dedicated wholesaling services. Our value-added services include everything from carrier vetting, product selection, advisor training, sales marketing, and management to 24/7 login website access . Your producers will love AnnuityNetTM and AssureXpressTM, automated contracting tools. Our regional vice presidents, internal sales team, and entire home office provide all the support you need to build business for your bank, broker-dealer, credit union, or producer group. Collaboration has rewards – extra revenue. Think of Clarke as your private insurance agency. The front facing aspect of your business stays the same. Your advisors and producers continue providing outstanding Annuity, Long-Term Care, and Life programs to your customers. We manage all of the back end operations like underwriting and case management. We also provide your producers with Clarke Select, our dedicated wholesaling platform. As a client-partner, your bank, broker-dealer, credit union, or producer group realizes additional revenue through the exclusive nature of our relationship and customized profitability strategies. We are neutral experts in annuity and insurance marketing with over 207 years of combined industry experience. As your consultant, we provide unbiased advice. Our best-fit solutions are derived from working with a large family of “A” category rated insurance carriers. We design, manage, and refine Annuity, Long-Term Care (LTC), and Life products for banks, broker-dealers, credit unions, and producer groups. We also design new platforms , develop proprietary and private label annuity and insurance products, and conduct carrier due diligence review and documentation critiques.
Service Features What This Means For You Comprehensive Select Consulting
For Your Institution
Expanded and Consolidated Back Office Imagine Clarke as your private and expanded back end insurance company. Your advisors and producers are the front face of the agency. We manage and enhance back end processing. Trust our team to take care of contracting, appointments, case management, product support, and all of the paperwork that comes with it, including NIGOs. In addition to increased efficiency, the exclusive nature of our client-partnerships offers profitability strategies and a wide menu of Annuity, Long-Term Care (LTC), and Life products. wave
The Latest and Best Products The industry is always developing new insurance and financial products, like indexed annuity iterations and asset-based long-term care. We sort through these offerings and keep you abreast of the latest leading-edge plans from carriers you can trust. wave wave
Bank Platform Development Use our industry know-how to design and build new Annuity, Long-Term Care (LTC), or Life products. We advise on everything from broker-dealer selection to product development. wave
Profitability through a wide Menu of Carriers and Products Our comprehensive service is designed with profitability in mind. We help you select a wide menu of carriers and products poised to build institutional wealth. wave
Contracting and Appointing with Institutional Control Our involvement in the carrier contracting process ensures that your organization owns its book of business. We follow your standard contracting and appointment procedures. If you don’t have them, we follow state appointment guidelines and carrier contract requirements. wave wave
Proprietary and Private Label Product Development We have successfully worked with carriers to develop top selling proprietary annuity and insurance products. Learn how we achieved strong revenue results with a proprietary Flexible Premium Fixed Annuity product . We can also create private label products to promote your brand. wave
Annual Due Diligence Review and Optional Alerts Comprehensive clients receive an annual Due Diligence Review as part of our value-added service. We can also add quarterly due diligence alerts as an additional premium feature. wave
Develop Due Diligence Documentation We review your existing Due Diligence criteria and develop documentation for carriers that we represent on your behalf. This includes vetting the most appropriate carriers and products. wave wave
Due Diligence Criteria Development and Documentation Review Our ongoing research of annuity and insurance carriers — their ratings, financial ratios, rankings, and products — allows us to 1) Develop Due Diligence Criteria and, 2) Review Existing Due Diligence Criteria and Documentation.
We makes sure that selected carriers do not possess risks and are compliant with Office of The Controller of Currency (OCC) examination and The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (GLBA) requirements. This includes analyzing specific policies, procedures, and processes that affect reporting and documentation.
Conference and Marketing Role As a partner in your Annuity, Long-Term Care, or Life program(s), we are proud to support your bank, broker-dealer, credit union or producer group at national or regional conferences. You’ll let us know how you want us to participate. wave
Conference Participation At Clarke, we value relationships and are glad to attend your national or regional conferences. wave wave
Data Integrity and Security We understand the importance of secure recordkeeping from every standpoint. All electronic data is encrypted; back-end office access requires login identification; and SSL technology is used to secure our website according to 2014 information technology best practice standards. All of our employee’s adhere to a Client Care and Business Ethics Agreement. No information concerning clients, former clients, financial data, and business records is ever discussed or released without appropriate authorization. wave wave
Business Integrity Clarke Financial Group is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations according to the Bank Secrecy Act, USA Patriot Act of 2001, and The US Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control. We carry insurance licenses in almost every state, and our regional vice presidents and leadership carry insurance licenses and are FINRA securities licensed.
We carry professional liability insurance, utilize business continuity plans, and conduct business according to securities and insurance industry best practices.
wave wave
For Executives
Comprehensive Relationship Management Due to the fully integrated back end of our Comprehensive service, your account is managed by Clarke leadership or a senior executive. As a Client-Partner you assign a project manager to the relationship. Together, we facilitate the smooth execution of mutual goals, communications, facility coordination, and technology requirements. wave
One-Stop Support Problem Solving We value all of our clients and have created multiple pathways for support. Our Home Office is staffed with real people who answer the phone. They are ready to provide case management and sales support solutions. Our regional vice presidents are in the field providing hands-on support. With 24/7 login access, you have information at your fingertips. Our partners are always available to address client concerns. wave wave
Relationship and Sales Training We conduct general product training for executives, sales and product training for producers, and cross-selling techniques for other members of your organization. wave
Multi-Carrier Consolidated Reporting Consolidated insurance company reporting creates efficiencies and reduces costs. It allows us to manage revenue goals proactively, and it allows you to see your results on a real-time basis. wave
Customized Reporting Delivered the Way You Want We create reports with your business in mind. This means that all reports — production, product, wholesaling, agent commission, and Agent Book of Business — can be customized to include the analysis you need to gauge program effectiveness. Your management team can access reports with 24/7 login access to our cutting-edge website. They can also select electronic delivery at specific time intervals. wave wave
AnnuityNetTM and AssureXpressTM We have created proprietary tools that automate annuity and life insurance contracting for producers. These tools are complimentary for Clarke Comprehensive and Clarke Select clients. Usage licenses can be provided to Clarke Consulting clients. wave wave wave
Production Meetings to Increase Revenue As Client-Partners, we work directly with your management team identifying opportunities for business gain. At production meetings, we analyze production reports, conduct sales training, and recommend a wide menu of Annuity, Long-Term Care (LTC), and Life programs that build revenue. wave
Production and Pocket Meeting Participation We join your meetings, provide advisor product and sales training, and teach teller cross-selling techniques. We do everything we can to make sure that your producers are poised to sell the Annuity, Long-Term Care (LTC), and Life programs you select. wave wave
Advisor 24/7 Back Office Access Our Advisor Dashboard[1] only lists approved carriers and product offerings that your institution has selected. Appointment paperwork and NAIC model application training requirements are available 24/7 via our back office website. Our Home Office team gladly assists advisors over the telephone. wave wave
Efficiency through Back Office Automation and Access We know that automation and revenue growth are your top priorities. That’s why we have developed a superior back office website with automated reports, contracting, and applications. Plus, our site offers training materials and sales tools so everyone on your team can up their game. wave wave