Clients Say We’re Fulfilling Our Mission

making insurance and annuity marketing efficient and revenue generating with advisor tools, modern technology, and one-on-one professional support

We endeavor to create efficiency and revenue generation banks, broker-dealers, credit unions, and producer groups. According to our clients, we’re achieving their goals for efficiency and revenue generation. Here’s what they have to say:

Gary Campbell

Gary Campbell
CEO & Chairman
Financial Advocates
Olympia, Washington

“Business has to be a win-win situation, and with Clarke it is. I’ve worked in financial services since 1987, and with Clarke for the past ten years. The relationship works, because everyone from leadership to wholesaler understands our bank, credit union and advisor relationships. Clarke offers more than product. The wholesaler presence is everywhere, all the time — meeting with advisors, attending our conferences, conducting training — making business easy. ”

Connie Knox

Connie M. Knox
President Investment Services
Wescom Credit Union
Pasadena, California

“Twelve years ago, I introduced Clarke to Wescom Credit Union as a partner in our fixed annuity business. Clarke provides the platform for our business – marketing collateral, documentation, and back office support. Their wholesalers directly with my producers, attend our meetings, provide product training, help close cases, and are extremely well-liked. Clarke, with more than 25 years of industry experience, adds value to our Credit Union.”

Richard Lane

Richard Lane
The Standard Insurance Company
Bellevue, Washington

“Clarke Financial Group is consistently one of The Standard top independent marketing organization, I view them as the closest thing Standard has to a captive partner. We’ve worked with Michael Denton and Steve Gates for the past 10 years — as long as I’ve been with Standard. Not only does Clarke know our business in some respects better than we do, they helped shape and mold our fixed annuity product line from A to Z. Clarke breathes life into Standard, because of its great tenure, industry knowledge, and connections throughout the bank and broker dealer world.”

Lynne Phillips
Director, Licensed Bankers and FMS Insurance
Synovus Securities, Inc.
Columbus, Georgia

“With 27 years in financial services and 14 years spent at Synovus, I value and appreciate our 10 year relationship with Clarke Financial Group. Ron Tuerk, our External Wholesaler, has excellent product knowledge. He works directly in the field with our agents every week. Naomi Whitmer, Clarke’s Operations Manager, provides me with fast and efficient responses. Most importantly, Clarke’s online account application process is the best I have seen. The Advisor Portal Dashboard with AnnuityXpress results in less NIGOs and is a huge plus to our licensed brokers.”

We always welcome Client and Partner feedback. Please contact Monica Lee Copeland, if you are a current client or partner and want to share your opinions with us.