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As marketing advisors of financial services through the bank channel, Steve Gates and Michael Denton welcome the opportunity to share their opinions with the press. They can provide insight on the future of the insurance industry, particularly the growth of financial services via banks, broker-dealers, credit unions, and producer groups. As bank channel wholesaling forerunners, their knowledge of insurance carriers and product development is extensive. Gates produced over a $1 billion in fixed and variable annuities for a startup division of Sun Life (later SunAmerica) dedicated to bank channel distribution before founding Clarke Financial Group. Under Denton’s management, Laughlin Retain Services (Laughlin Group of Companies) produced over $2 billion in sales and became the largest independent distributor for the bank marketplace of GICs, mutual funds, and annuities. Denton later developed the Financial Institution marketing Division for Jefferson Pilot Financial, which grew to become a top provider of fixed annuities. Together, they have developed proprietary insurance products and have been the marketing arm for over 200 financial institutions annuities.

Interview Topics

  • Insurance and Financial Service – State of the Industry
  • New Product Development — Annuities, Asset-based Long-Term Care, Insurance
  • Serving the Bank Channel — Marketing, Trends, Challenges, Market Comparison (European Bancassurance, Asia, etc.),

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Director of Corporate Communications
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