No Pension. No Problem.

flexible deferred annuity

Your financial institution should be in a position to provide retirement solutions for clients without a pension plan. A Flexible Deferred Annuity can deliver the safety, tax deferral, and choice that customers need to live the life they want.

    Here are the basics…

  1. Safety. A well-designed Flexible Deferred Annuity offers a variety of withdrawal options that provide your customer with liquidity. The product is designed to maximize growth potential while preserving capital.
  2. Tax Deferral. One of the best benefits of an annuity is tax deferral, because annuity earnings aren’t taxed until withdrawn. Your customers’ money benefits from triple-compounding.
    • Interest is earned on the principal investment
    • Interest is earned on the interest
    • Interest is earned on tax savings — All of the interest can continue to compound instead of being withdrawn to pay for current taxes.

  3. Choice. Clarke markets Flexible Deferred Annuity products that provide your customers with options. Choice begins with a variety of contribution options. Customers can contribute funds monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually, and may change the amount and frequency of payments. Choice includes a diverse selection of fixed and indexed funds. Once your client reaches retirement, they also have the choice to annuitize for a lifetime benefit.

The right choice is to help your clients plan to live the life they want.

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