Building the Best for You

offering modern and efficient technology for our advisors

At Clarke, developing superior advisor tools is a part of our mission. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to close annuity, long-term care, and insurance business. Our home office team continually works on streamlining and automating every aspect of plan issuance. On the marketing front, Clarke is ever expanding the pool of one-click resources and advisor sales tools. Here’s a list of a few tools that increase your efficiency, so you can spend more time collecting client assets.

  • Your Advisor Portal Dashboard — Customized just for you, Advisor Portal only displays information that is relevant to you and your business. You can connect to Advisor Portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week with an authentication login. Your bank, credit union, broker-dealer, or producer group should have provided the login to you directly. If they didn’t, send us an email or call us at 844.CFG.PLAN (844.234.7526), and we’ll promptly provide one to you.
    Your dashboard displays your license number for the carriers that you are approved to market. It also provides all of the associated product training materials, marketing collateral, and application forms for approved carries. Designed to help you grow your business, Advisor Portal also displays your appointment opportunities. We always advise to appoint with all of your approved carriers. That’s the best way to grow your business. You can contact your Clarke counterparts directly from the dashboard, connecting you to one-on-one wholesaling support, internal help, and case management.
  • AnnuityNetTM — Our automated, annuity application tool. Located within your Advisor Portal dashboard, it is exclusively available to Clarke Select and Clarke Comprehensive customers . After answering a few questions about your client, AnnuityNetTM automatically generates all of the required forms for good order saving you lots of time. Your efficiency is further maximized since you only enter client data once. AnnuityNetTM conveniently maps annuitant information to every form. Savvy advisors like you fill forms in advance of sales presentations. If the pitch goes well, they gather a wet signature and celebrate another sale. You can also modify data and print it in a snap. Application data is retained for up to ten days and accessible from your mobile device. To learn more about AnnuityNetTM view our step-by-step webinars online via The Clarke School.
  • AssureXpressTM — Our one-click source for a variety of insurance quotes, including term, universal, and health is also available on Advisor Portal. Like AnnuityNetTM, it allows you to complete application forms online, and in some instances submit the application with a digital signature. It has all of the other bells and whistles like data mapping and required forms. To learn more about AssureXpressTM view our step-by-step webinars online via The Clarke School.
  • Financial Calculators — There are times when it’s beneficial to produce an illustration for your client that isn’t product specific. That’s why we’ve provided some excellent calculators on the front end of our website. You can also login to your dashboard, and find calculators and illustrations specific to your approved carriers.