Why You Should Connect

exclusive access ensures your success

We welcome advisors, producers, and financial representatives within our client family to connect to Advisor Portal, the customized advisor dashboard that is available on the backend of our website. There you will find everything you need to do business.

  1. Connection is Exclusive — We take pride in Advisor Portal and only offer it exclusively to Clarke Select and Clarke Comprehensive clients. Once you begin to use it, you’ll understand why Lynne Phillips of Synovus says “it’s the best in the business.” Advisor Portal is continually refined to provide financial professionals with convenience, education, and automated support.
  2. Complete Customization — Customized just for you, Advisor Portal only displays information that is relevant to you and your business. Your license number appears with carriers that you are approved to market along with associate product training materials, marketing collateral, and application forms. Advisor Portal also displays your appointment opportunities. We always advise to appoint with all of your approved carriers. That’s the best way to grow your business. Most importantly, contact information for your Clarke counterparts is right on the dashboard, which connects you to one-on-one wholesaling support, internal help, and case management.
  3. 24/7 Convenience — Make your life easier by having everything you need to do business at your fingertips. You can connect to Advisor Portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Find current carrier paperwork, marketing materials, and rate and compliance updates. Convenience also comes in the form of automated application builders like AnnuityNetTM and AssureXpressTM. Learn more about our automated, annuity and insurance application tools.

Connect Today and Build Your Business

Need another great reason to connect to Advisor Portal? Many producers have found that Advisor Portal is a one-stop shop. We believe that it provides you with everything you need to build your business. That’s why your bank, broker-dealer, credit union or producer group provided you with designated login number. If you haven’t received it yet,
send us an email or call us at 844.CFG.PLAN (844.234.7526), and will promptly provide it to you.

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